Work will begin on cleaning the Yerevan Lake next year

In accordance with the law "On Targeted Use of Environmental Tax Paid by Companies" by the Ministry of Environment, the environmental program "Cleaning of the shores of Yerevan Lake and the Hrazdan River" developed by the Yerevan Municipality was agreed within the framework of 60.4 million drams.
The total amount of the program is about 113 million drams.
The event is already included in the framework of the "Implementation of Environmental Programs in Communities" project of the RA draft law "On the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia for 2022", it will start in 2022.
The main goal of the project is to improve the ecological condition of Yerevan Lake and Hrazdan Gorge, making it a recreational area meeting the requirements of the RA legislation.
The Objectives of the program:
•    to reduce the further entry of household waste into the Hrazdan River and Yerevan Lake, 
•    to reduce the level of pollution,
•    to prevent the spread of pollution.